Sometimes we get stuck in our movement habits. This makes us strong in certain patterns which can lead to strain on joints, reduced tolerance to activities, and reduced quality of life. The best analogy for this is driving a car with bad alignment. It takes extra energy to keep the car going down the road. The tires are not at fault for wearing out, neither are your knees, neck, back or shoulders. The tires need to be changed but the alignment needs to be addressed as well. We expand "alignment" to include the underlying postural control systems and how our bodies negotiate gravity.

At FIT, we expand the scope of physical therapy to include Postural Restoration, tissue management, dry needling, nutrition, positivity coaching, and when needed, Interdisciplinary Integration. This goes beyond treating local pain and dysfunction, seeking to bring the whole person into balance. By honoring multiple factors that affect the system, we assist the client in making connections to deliver powerful and permanent results.


The core goal at Flagstaff Integrated Therapies is always improving movement. Over the years, tissues can become rigid and therefore restrict movement and can become cranky. We guide these tissues into optimal function using a variety of hands on and equipment assisted techniques. Working to make using them less sensitive so you can get moving - it’s the movement that counts!


Dry Needling consists of a very safe, invasive treatment using very thin sterile needles. The needles are a form of manual therapy for muscle tightness, spasms, or persistent pain. Clients commonly report an immediate reduction in pain. The side effects include soreness at the needle site and muscle soreness for one or two days that is similar to a hard workout. When appropriate, dry needling can be a extremely powerful addition to the total care plan. 

See our Jim's blog post for more information.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."  - Hippocrates


When we take time to explore the effects food has on our lives, we are empowered to make exciting and powerful changes. As part of our holistic treatment approach, we offer guidance on an anti-inflammatory diet to maximize outcomes and your ability to truly thrive. 


Chronic stress can amplify fatigue, muscle spasms, pain, tension, and an over all decreased quality of life. By addressing stress in our plan of care we empower the client with solutions toward a more balanced self. The relaxation response is a central focus to all of our treatment approaches. By facilitating the relaxation response the nervous system is able to relax allowing the body to restore to a balanced state. Positivity coaching assists the client in identifying ways to be more successful at implementing your suggested plan.

FIT pulls resources from outside the traditional physical therapy realm such as dentistry, ophthalmology, podiatry, and audiology as these systems can directly affect how the nervous system controls the body in gravity. We acknowledge the benefit of other methods of understanding health such as acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and Naturopathic care. With the assistance of other health care practitioners, we can release the nervous system’s firm grip on our physical patterns to restore balance, reducing pain and dysfunction. More often than not, this is the missing link to bring chronic pain and dysfunction under control.


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