April 27, 2017

I'm a grown man and

I can do what I want. 

 5 Years ago my wife Katie suggested I drink too much coffee. She was coming from a place of love. How did I respond? "I love my coffee! You can't tell me what to do!" Playfully I told her I'm a grown man and I could do wha...

March 30, 2017

The technique is called "dry" because there is no medication involved.

No liquids.

Dry what?

Needling. Yes, that's right. This is a discussion about using needles to reduce pain AND improve function. The technique is called "dry" because there is no medication involved....

“We naturally think that getting what we want will reduce our suffering but it’s not so simple.”

Wanting. Plain and simple. Being in a state of wanting creates suffering. Whether you want some cake, want a new car, or want a new life, when we are in a constant state of...

Following ONLY the path of least resistance creates observable postural lopsidedness...All of this is driven by our breath. We ingrain these patterns through repetition.

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